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Our Audit Trail provides a blue print for CABS Billing

by Amy Mommsen, Billing Services Support Manager

The Audit Trail Report is a CABS Management Report available in Datamaster called CABAUDRF and TPEDAUD. When reviewing the Audit Trail, you will see it is a revenue assurance report, accounting for each message/record from the time it is received in MACC’s billing system. It is the blue print of your CABS billing.

All CABS data sources are represented and broken down by traffic type on this report with messages received through the company’s toll cut date for the current billing cycle. Through the Audit Trail process, messages are identified by their EMI format to determine if they are a billable CABS record. Non-billable CABS records are sorted off and represented in the dropped summary section of the report. There are a variety of drops for numerous reasons. A few common examples would be: terminating unanswered calls, duplicates, and a company requested drop for a specified carrier or traffic type. Wireless and OCN traffic type are also removed from the CABS billable records and shown in the dropped section of the Audit Trail to be processed on an OCN invoice if needed. The Audit Edit Report, also available in Datamaster, is a sister report to the Audit Trail Report. This report will provide more detail of the dropped records summary section on the Audit Trail.

The Audit Trail also lists any modifications to data that MACC is providing on a company’s behalf. These are listed on the second to last page of the report with a description and a count of records being modified and from what data source they were received.

MACC CABS department also uses the Audit Trail as an internal trending and assurance report to track any variances on message counts, types of traffic and any changes in volumes to any current modifications from the month prior. There is also a research section that prompts the CABS department at MACC to analyze any records dropping out in this section. Often, we will find that something isn’t recording correctly on a company’s switch or a newly ported exchange has been added, but there isn’t an LRN populated so further setup is needed at MACC to assure all billable records are being processed. When needed the CABS department will reach out to the company for some direction.

If you have any questions about the Audit Trail Report or any other CABS report, please feel free to send an email to the CABS Team at [email protected] and we would be happy to review them with you.

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