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New offerings to make your job easier

by Amy Mommsen, Billing Services Support Manager

Big news from the CABS Team! We have one new service and another service with a more efficient process. Both the new and updated services can make your job easier! The new service is Carrier Invoice Resolution and the service with an updated process is the completion of the NECA CAF ICC Report.

The Carrier Invoice Resolution service will help clients who enroll maximize access revenue through monthly check-ins for outstanding balances or disputes.

How the service works
1. Each month the MACC CABS Team will send a “check-in” e-mail to enrolled clients inquiring about carriers with outstanding balances or disputes.

2. If a client has an outstanding carrier balance or disputed charge, the MACC CABS Team will contact the carrier on the client’s behalf.

3. We will handle disputes with the carrier and/or remind them of unpaid, missing invoices.

4. Follow-up will continue until the issue is resolved.

An important note, MACC cannot be responsible for any litigation between a client and carrier.

Ensure your company is maximizing access revenue with Carrier Invoice Resolution. To get started, visit the link below on MACC’s Client Central. You’ll find pricing and an enrollment form.

Having MACC complete the NECA CAF ICC Report has never been easier!
For companies who have MACC complete the NECA CAF ICC Report, we have a new process to make this task easier than ever before. Simply follow the link below to upload your company’s NECA CAF ICC Data Request Spreadsheet and confirm you want MACC to complete the required report.

If you have questions on either service, please reach out to me at [email protected] or 402-533-5268. We look forward to simplifying these important tasks for your company.

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