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Are you ready for prime time?

By Ryan Thompson, Creative Services Manager

Now is prime time for telecom marketing! Kids who need Internet for homework are heading back to school, football will soon be dominating TV screens, and Christmas is coming. All of these events create opportunities to sell your services, so read on for ideas to take advantage of telecom marketing’s prime time season.

Back-to-school speed boost
Kids using the Internet for homework isn’t new, but what’s different now than in past years is the amount of bandwidth your customers are consuming. The amount of streamed content is higher than ever before and it is only going to increase. Encourage your customers to make sure their Internet package is fast enough for their streaming needs and to handle this fall’s homework requirements at the same time. A great way to upsell faster Internet to customers on lower packages is to offer them a speed boost for a month. Once customers become accustomed to the faster speed, they often keep it after the free trial.

Get ready for some football!
Now is a great time to start advertising all of the football games available on your system. This is especially true for video customers who aren’t taking your sports packages. An easy way to reach these customers is using Customer Master’s ability to send selective inserts and on-bill ads. You can target only the customers not taking your sports tier for an affordable and effective campaign.

Christmas will be here before you know it
It may be hot outside, but cold weather and the holidays will be here soon. If you don’t have a holiday marketing plan in place, now is a great time to get started. Ideas to consider include special offers on services that compliment popular gifts, like faster Internet for gaming systems or better channel packages for big screen TVs. Like the football promotion, you can use Customer Master to target customers who aren’t taking your best Internet or cable TV packages.

We are here to help
Contact MACC’s Creative Services Team for new ideas on how to promote your services during these crucial times of the year. Fresh ideas are always free and we offer competitively priced printing, graphic design and web development services. We look forward to helping your company make this year’s prime time a success.

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