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Get more out of your website with Google Analytics

By Ryan Thompson, Creative Services Manager

Ever wonder what your customers are thinking sometimes? Now you can know…at least when it comes to your website. Google Analytics is a free service available to companies that want to learn more about how their customers use their website. If your company isn’t using Google Analytics already, read on for three reasons why you should start today.

Learn if customers are nibbling, but not biting on new services
One of the key goals for most business websites is getting new customers to sign up for services or existing customers to upgrade. With Google Analytics, you can configure “goals” to track how many customers visit the pages with your services and how many actually make the commitment to subscribe. If you find a lot of customers are visiting your service pages without buying, that may indicate you need to review your service offerings or the layout of your website to get more customers to “bite.” Picking up just a few more customers each month can yield big results in the long run.

See how customers are finding your site
Google Analytics has acquisition reports illustrating how customers find their way to your website. Besides directly entering your address, they may be searching for your company or connecting via social media. You can take advantage of this information to get even more customers to visit. For example, if you find many customers visit your website after visiting your social media pages, you can put special emphasis on the social media accounts during times when you need more website traffic. Examples include any special offers or important customer information.

Identify opportunities in neighboring towns
Google Analytics also lets you know where visitors are located. How does this help a telecom company? If you have many visitors looking for services from a community outside of your current area, this could point to an opportunity in a new market.

So how do you add Google Analytics to your site?
The three examples listed above are just scratching the service in terms of what you can do with Google Analytics. To add the service to your website, all you need is editing access and an email account connected to Google. If MACC’s Creative Services Team built your website, there is a good chance Google Analytics is already in place. If you’re not sure, please contact me for details. Even if MACC didn’t build your website, it’s likely we can help you start using Google Analytics. We can also run Google Analytics reports from your website and send them your way on a monthly basis for a small fee. Again, please contact me for complete details.

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