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It’s not too late to plan for 2018

By Ryan Thompson, Creative Services Manager

The new calendar on my desk confirms that somehow 2017 slipped away and 2018 is upon us. If you have your marketing plans for the year ready to go…that is great! However, if you’re like many folks and 2018 arrived before your plans are complete, there is still time to come up with some profitable ideas for the new year.

Below are a few promotional ideas to get you started.

Cabin fever for January and February
To help ward off cabin fever during these cold winter months, consider promotions for faster internet or better video packages. Your customers need to know your services can keep them entertained, even if nasty weather keeps them in the house.

The big basketball event in March
I don’t think I can legally say the name of the big basketball event in March, but people tend to go mad for it each year. Make sure customers know your TV packages have the networks the big games are on and it doesn’t hurt to promote your internet speeds as well for the cord-cutters in your community.

Baseball is back for April
Baseball is a great theme for telecom marketing. Whether you’re using phrases like double-play or triple-play to describe bundles or promoting the return of major league baseball to your cable channels, there are a lot of directions you can go with America’s pastime.

Beat the summertime blues – May and June
Some customers will cut back on services during the summer months as they’re busy with trips and outdoor activities. Consider offering incentives to keep them connected, even during the nicest time of the year.

Back-to-school – July and August
The idea of promoting internet during back-school-time isn’t a new one, but it’s worth remembering. Kids need an strong internet connection to keep up in the classroom and your community needs to know you have the best broadband in town.

Football –  September and October
There are an ever increasing number of ways to watch football. September and October are the perfect months to remind customers that your channel packages and streaming options are the best way to watch their favorite team.

Holiday promotions – November and December
Your company probably isn’t selling the hottest holiday toy or latest gadget, but there is a good chance those treasures under your customers’ trees will need an internet connection. Make sure your company has a strong promotion during this time of year as it’s an ideal time to sell the faster internet today’s devices require.

Hopefully you can use a few of these ideas at your company. If you’d like some additional ideas for your marketing in 2018, please be sure to reach out to the Creative Services Team. We help dozens of companies across the country find success with their marketing and we’d love to do the same for your organization. Just send us an e-mail at [email protected] and we’ll be in touch.

Finally, have a very Happy New Year!

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