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President’s Message

MACC is enhancing Customer Master for the EBB Program

by Craig Aman, President and CEO

For companies planning to participate in the FCC’s Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB) Program, I am pleased to let you know at this moment the MACC Team is developing new functionality for Customer Master to make it easier for your company to offer this benefit to your customers.

We plan to have the new functionality ready for release by the middle of this month. Please look for additional MACC communications for complete details.

MACC pays close attention to the telecom regulatory environment. Thanks to the flexibility of our products and the skills of our team, you can be assured your company will always have the tools it needs to successfully navigate new programs and regulations.

If you have any questions on our response to this new program, please reach out to your MACC Representative. I’m always happy to visit as well, and I can be reached at 402-426-6222 or [email protected]. Thanks for your continued trust in MACC.

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Craig Aman