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Web Self-Care

Product Spotlight

Chasing revenue? Web Self-Care can help

MACC recently added some HUGE enhancements to Web Self-Care (WSC). They’ll help you pump up your business and max-out your customer service numbers. The biggest new feature is the ability potential customers have to search for and request services based on their address. This feature is a game-changer for boosting revenue and your bottom line.

Other new Web Self-Care features

  • Capability to view 13 months of bill history
  • Access to service agreement usage – customers with service agreements can compare usage to the hours purchased

Additional activities your customers can do…24/7

  • Current customers can shop for new services
  • Report trouble
  • View long distance, data and wireless usage
  • Update their profile information
  • Contact your office

Web Self-Care looks great on mobile devices

No matter how your customers access Web Self-Care, it looks great with a modern, mobile-friendly design. Your company will shine on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Plus, your version of Web Self-Care can be modified to match the rest of your website.

Not using Web Self-Care? You need to see it!

If your company isn’t using Web Self-Care, you need to see a demonstration of this service. It offers many opportunities for your company and we don’t want you to miss them. Contact your Client Relations Manager or Account Manager to make the arrangements.

Already have Web Self-Care?

Check out the Web Self-Care Enhancement Summary in our Client Pages. It has complete details on the new features. An important note is that these features area available at no additional charge.

A MACC Minute Training video is also available on our Client Pages. Follow this link to watch it. Finally, MACC’s Training Team offers customization assistance for Web Self-Care. Please contact your Client Relations Manager or Account Manager for details.

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