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Product Spotlight

Customer Master 19.1

By Lori Bayne, Customer Master Product Owner

MACC’s Product Development Team spent the long winter months adding dozens of enhancements to our products’ spring release. This work resulted in enhanced products filled with new features to make your job easier and your company more efficient. It was hard choosing the most important new features to highlight, but the winners are below. Be sure to review the Update Letter for a complete list of enhancements.

Security Deposit Mass Refund
This mass tool was enhanced with more functionality to reduce the amount of manual reviewing needed when refunding Security Deposits. Enhancements include a new option to exclude delinquent accounts within a timeframe and a new exportable grid with additional columns to help identify accounts to refund, including Delinquent history. In addition, tabs were created for the grid to display Selected Accounts, Ineligible Accounts, and the Processing Results.

OCC Tax Calculations
A new tool was created called ‘Update OCC Tax Calculations’ for use when tax rate changes have been implemented. This tool will eliminate the need for manual updates on taxes for unbilled or permanent OCCs.

Plant on Move Orders
As a convenience for technicians in the field, a new option to print both the old and new address, as well as old and new Plant on move Service Orders, is available.

477 Updates
The 477 report “2-Fixed Broadband Deployment Editor” grid is now editable, and the Missing Data for FCC Form 477 Report now has a column to indicate a pending Service Order or Sales Lead for the Accounts listed.

NLAD File Update
To meet the National Verifier production schedule, a National Verifier (NV) column has been added to the NLAD file to indicate a company is participating with National Verifier.

Variable Rate USP
A minimum and maximum range is available for Variable Rate USPs, providing more control of entered dollar amounts.

Grid Reports
Grid Reports were updated to improve performance and given the ability to filter all columns within the report grids. MACC heard your requests for additional selectable fields and many were added in this release of Customer Master.


  • Current Tier Services Report – GL Account, Contact Number, and Contact Type added to the .CSV file format of the report.
  • Account Activity Report – New Main Report Area and Report Area reporting options.
  • Contracts Report – Contact number and e-mail address added to report.
  • Commissions Report – Ability to view current, unprocessed commissions with a pre-billed calculation.
  • Discount Account Listing Report – A Total Number of Tiers added, as well as the ability to export to .CSV file format.
  • Track Service Up/Downgrade Report – New validation for tracking upgrades and downgrades.
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