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Customer Master 16.2 Highlights

By Lori Bayne, Customer Master Product Owner

The following is a summary of the major new enhancements included in Customer Master Version 16.2.

My Time Labor Entry
In previous releases of Customer Master and Accounting Master, an interface and the ability to load labor entries for payroll purposes did not exist. Client service representatives and technicians completed work on service orders and trouble tickets but had to log into Accounting Master or TMS to enter their labor hours. Within Customer Master and Accounting Master 16.2, we have established a seamless interface to collect the labor records on service orders, trouble tickets, work orders, and appointments. This enhancement will allow the records to be exported to Accounting Master’s payroll module. The data can also be collected for 3rd party accounting packages and exported through the use of a CSV file for importation into that accounting package’s payroll module. A new My Time icon has been placed in key locations throughout Customer Master, including a new Labor Entry Suite for ease of use and accessibility for staff to enter their time as needed. Permissions can be established for approved users to post and export labor entries to Accounting Master on behalf of other employees. All payroll approval will be completed as it currently is in Accounting Master.

Billing Rewards Program
Many companies have expressed an interest in giving incentives back to their customers. MACC’s new Billing Rewards program will allow companies to generate credit certificates at a designated threshold on total revenues generated by specified USP codes and OCCs. A wizard will guide users through the initial set up to customize the rewards program to your company’s needs. Your staff can easily view the rewards totals per account on the Inquiry Overview Screen or from the Service Order Rewards node. Based on the Bill Rewards criteria setup wizard, Customer Master will automatically calculate rewards points earned, a total points balance, and any rewards generated that month during step three of your billing transmission. A new redemption tool has been developed to show all accounts that have outstanding rewards, along with the expiration date of that reward to quickly allow users to redeem rewards certificates and generate OCC credits to the accounts in a seamless process.

Service Order Escalation
For many years, Customer Master included a tool to escalate trouble tickets that have not been picked up, cleared, etc. We have now added the ability to escalate service orders in a similar manner. Service Order Escalation can now be set up to notify specific users at defined threshold increments by service order class, from start to stop, taken to completed, and taken to applied. This change will allow users to keep track of their service orders in a more efficient manner and ensure that none fall through the cracks.

For more highlights of Customer Master 16.2, be sure to check out its executive summary on MACC’s Client Pages. Questions on this edition of Customer Master can be directed to your Software Support Representative.

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