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Customer Master 17.2

By Lori Bayne, Customer Master Product Owner

The following is a summary of the major new enhancements included in Customer Master Version 17.2.

Labor Entry Updates
Users now have the ability to use the start and stop time options to save a record to the database. These enhancements will allow users to record time in a single step, saving both time and money.

Auto Generate Write-Offs
The Account Mass Write-Off tool has selectable options to narrow down criteria and display all accounts matching the selected options. This change will save staff labor hours, as well as increase efficiencies.

Changes to Recurring Charges
Substantial changes have been made for Customer Master 17.2, including enhanced colors, an expanded rate column, an added bill start date column with additional enhancements to billing dates that will enhance customer satisfaction in understanding their bill (potentially reducing calls to CSRs for explanations).

Customer Master 17.2 has been enhanced with the ability to import custom fields and attach them to accounts. Users can also import permanent OCCs, a payment note indicator has been added, and additional import fields have been added to assist in saving time and energy as cleanup for HUBB reporting is completed.

Messenger Updates
To allow users greater efficiency and communication between the front office and the outside technicians, additional usable information options have been added to the email notifications for service orders and trouble tickets.

Security Roles for Scheduler
New scheduler roles have been added for users that utilize the Customer Master security, reducing the risk of scheduled items being unintentionally removed from the calendar.

Updated Reports

  • Current Tier Services report – in and outdates added to USP codes•Billed Lifeline report – users can now select multiple USP codes
  • OCCS Billed, OCCs by Date Range, OCCs Non-Billed report – tax area has been added
  • Taxability Status report – a tax-exempt filter has been added
  • Service Quality report – additional filtering options have been added, along with a summary calculation option
  • Plant Current Services – new report added to plant, designed to locate services associated with particular plant details
  • Custom Grid report – multiple enhancements to the Account report, Address report, Address by Network report, Network report, Plant by Address report, and Plant by Network report. New custom grid reports include Billed Services by Network, and a new Lifeline report

For complete details on Customer Master 17.2, be sure to check out its Update Letter on MACC’s Client Pages. Questions on this edition of Customer Master can be directed to your Software Support Representative.

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