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Product Spotlight

Customer Master 18.2

By Lori Bayne, Customer Master Product Owner

The following is a summary of the major new enhancements included in Customer Master Version 18.2.

Account Templates
Templates are popular time savers, and MACC continues to add enhancements making them even more efficient. A new type of template called Order is now available that can be applied to both Service Orders and Sales Lead. Additionally Comments, Work and Materials, and Pre-Payments are now available for data entry within the new Order Template. Functionality was also included to apply Templates to existing accounts, and Assign Tier Bundles are now available for selection within a Template.

Sales Lead
In the previous release of Customer Master, Sales Lead was introduced as a replacement for Quotes/Prospects. In this release, new maintenance tables were created for Classes, Stages, and Tasks. This consolidation provides the ability to use one class, stage or task for a Service Order, Trouble Ticket and/or Sales Lead. In addition, Sales Lead can be scheduled within the Scheduler Module, and Workflow includes the ability to guide users through a Sales Lead. Quotes/Prospects functionality is removed in this release.

In a continued effort to safeguard sensitive data within Customer Master, all encrypted data fields have been redacted. Only the last four characters will now display.

Trouble Mass Outage
The Mass Outage Setup was enhanced to give users many more filtering capabilities than just the previous Plant selections. A wizard style setup guides users through multiple screens to make multiple selections for mass outages. In addition, users can select an existing Trouble Ticket as the Template ticket, and a new Clear button allows users to clear all selections and start over.

OCC Thresholds
Thresholds were put in place to give Administrators the ability to control the dollar amount (both debit and credit) of OCCs employees will be allowed to enter. A message will display if an OCC is entered outside of an employee’s default range.

Payment Entry
A new visually, convenient pop-up window was added to Payment Entry screens throughout CM called My Pending Payments. Similar to a register tape the screen is movable, sizable and keeps a running total of entered payments. In addition, the ability to make check number mandatory for check payments is also included.


  • Credit Attribute Report – a Print Tribal ID option was added for reporting on the Lifeline Tribal ID.
  • Equipment Use Report – includes new columns for NII transactions for clients using the NII Interface.
  • Grid Reports-Account – Lifeline information for Credit ID has been added for selection.
  • Scheduler Summary Report – moved to Miscellaneous menu and a Source column was added.
  • Trouble Summary Report – the report can be exported to .CSV file format.
  • Write-Off Reports – Total Accounts, Inactive Date, and Account Address have been added.
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