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Accounting Master 16.2 Highlights

By Mary White, Accounting Master Product Owner

The following is a summary of the major new enhancements included in Accounting Master Version 16.2.

My Time
Thanks to client input, we know the relationship between Customer Master and Accounting Master continues to be a topic of special importance within our software solutions. This feedback led to the creation of My Time. The new feature is designed to reduce employee work effort and increase the accuracy of labor records by eliminating the dual entry of time tracking within Customer Master and Accounting Master. When the interface between these two products is used, My Time allows employees to tie work effort required for trouble tickets and service orders within Customer Master directly to the payroll module in Accounting Master with one entry of information. My Time will be available once your company is upgraded to both Accounting Master and Customer Master version 16.2. The new feature is also available via MACC Mobile for access in the field.

Save Payment Documents
Check, ACH, and EFT payments can be processed throughout Accounting Master. Often a question arises as it relates to a particular payment and research is required to find a copy of the remittance. Whether the payment is to a vendor, employee, member, or stockholder, these payments remittance documents will be easier to find as they can now be stored within Accounting Master.

Accounts Receivable Write-Off and Write-Off Payments
A new process was added to the database to write-off an AR invoice that has been abandoned in the system and will not receive full payment. The write-off process allows you to select multiple invoices, customers, and companies to be written-off at one time. As needed, payments can be applied to invoices in a write-off status.

Period Processing: Save Reports to pdf or csv
Period Processing presents several reports for review during each step. Some reports hold higher priority for your company than others. To assist with organization and efficiency, MACC added a new option to control which reports are displayed and/or automatically saved as pdf and/or csv files for future reference during several of the Period Processing steps.

For more highlights of Accounting Master 16.2, be sure to check out its executive summary on MACC’s Client Pages. Questions on this edition of Accounting Master can be directed to your Software Support Representative.

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