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Stay on top of delinquent accounts with BL63 reports

by Rick Paulsen, Client Relations Manager

With everything turned upside down from COVID-19, some companies are holding off from sending Delinquent Notices to Past Due Accounts that may have fallen on tough times. They also may be taking part in the Keep America Connected Pledge. I had a client ask which report shows customers who are delinquent? The whole BL63 family of reports gives you that information in different ways.

• Main report area (MRA)
• Report areas
• Delinquents only
• Credit accounts only

One report, the BL634M – All Accounts Aging Report by Main Report Area, is especially useful right now. This report shows you what customers owe from the current billing. It shows what the Total owed amount is, then breaks it down by 30, 60, and 90 days Past Due. The report also shows you Name and Tier Number. This report will show ALL accounts.

BL634M Example – click the image to see a larger version

BL-63--4M report

If you only want to see PAST DUE ACCOUNTS, check out the BL63-3 report. It shows the amounts owed in the 30, 60 and 90 day past due bucket. Again, this report will ONLY show those accounts which are Past Due. There are several reports breaking out this information and these are filtered in different ways.

BL63-3 Example – click the image to see a larger version

BL63-3 Report

Check out the other reports in the BL63 family. Hopefully, you find the information you are seeking. If you need help finding information, do not hesitate to give your MACC Representative a call. Thanks and stay safe!

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