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Learn how to keep your data safe at MBTC

by MACC’s Technical Support Team

Be sure to check out our Tech Support session at the upcoming MACC Billing and Technology Conference (MBTC). This year’s topic will be on protecting your data.

This classroom type session will provide basic data protection tips you can apply at your office. Some of the covered topics will include:
– Cyber security
– Safeguarding against viruses and ransomware
– Watching out for phishing attacks
– Keeping servers and workstations patched and updated
– Air gapped back ups
– Disaster recovery plans and preparation

Also, we will have Table Top Talk sessions during which you can stop and visit with a resident MACC tech support expert. We invite you to have a seat and enjoy this intimate opportunity to learn, share and explore. Our Tech Support Table Top Talk session topics include the latest and greatest hardware technology and a discussion on the importance of reviewing hardware every four years. Be sure to check out these and the many other great topics at this year’s Table Top Talk sessions.

Can’t make the MBTC? We are still available to help
If you don’t have the opportunity to attend MBTC, please reach out to us with questions you have regarding security, hardware or any other technical topic. We can be reached at 402-533-5300 or via email at [email protected] and look forward to helping you.

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