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eBill processing -Keeping Customer Master up-to-date

By Sherry Stork, Customer Master Software Support Specialist

More and more customers today are finding it very convenient to utilize electronic methods for bill paying. Your Customer Master software is designed to help with this task by utilizing the “eBill Process.” This process not only provides you with payments to be posted, but also includes eBill signups and changes which your customers have made to their account on the CDS Global website.

The first step of the process is to retrieve your “<company number>EBPP.01z” file from MACC using the Misc. Transmission eBill option. Your EBPP.01z file may contain multiple types of files inside the zip file. Files should be processed in date order to keep the data in Customer Master current. The file names will be something like the following:

  • 04700313.EBP  (0<company number><MMDD>.EBP)
    • The .EBP file contains payments.
  • 0470_A_UPD_030117.DAT (0<company number>_A_UPD_<MMDDYY>.DAT)
    • The “_A_UPD” file contains the list of accounts which have “Auto Pay” turned on in the CDS Global website. Processing this file using the eBill node will update the eBill Auto Pay option on the Credit Screen in Customer Master and sets the Bill Medium to “Paper & eBill.”
  • 0470_O_UPD_030117.DAT (0<company number>_O_UPD_<MMDDYY>.DAT)
    • The “_O_UPD” file contains the list of accounts which have signed up for “eBill” on the CDS Global website. Processing this file using the eBill node sets the Bill Medium to “Paper & eBill.”

Once your EBPP.01z file has been unzipped and the files have been saved into the Lockbox folder, you are ready to process the files. This is done via Receivables Suite-Processing-eBill. The processing window is titled “Verify/Process eBill and eBill Signup Files.” There are two processing options available – one for the eBill Payments and one for the eBill Signups – making this a very convenient way to manage the files.

The information above is just a brief overview of the process. If you have additional questions, or need assistance with the process, please contact our eMACC Services Support Team by calling 402-533-5470 or e-mailing [email protected].

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