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MACC’s products can reduce your company’s pain at the pump

MACC wants your company to be as efficient (and profitable!) as possible. With gas prices remaining high, we want to pass on several efficiency boosting ideas to reduce your company’s pain at the pump and boost its bottom line by lowering the number of miles your vehicles need to travel. As an added bonus, if implemented, these ideas deliver the opportunity for improved customer service.

MACC Mobile
Both Customer Master and Accounting Master are accessible via MACC Mobile. For technicians in the field, this integration means service orders, trouble tickets, plant data, their schedule, and more are available using any device with internet access…such as smart phones or tablets. Having this direct link back to Customer Master reduces trips back to the office for paperwork or information.

MACC Mobile’s integration with Accounting Master can also reduce miles traveled as technicians can store and effectively inventory customer premise equipment in their vehicles. This inventory capability reduces trips back to the office or warehouse while maintaining control of the inventory items within Accounting Master.

Map-It instantly identifies locations where a technician is needed as Trouble Tickets, Service Orders, or Sales Leads are created in Customer Master. With tickets clearly marked on a highly-detailed map, managers and dispatchers can direct technicians to nearby customer locations where work is required. Dispatching your team based on their location not only lowers fuel expense, but it reduces response times which can lead to happier customers.

AutoPilot Messages
AutoPilot messages are branded, mobile friendly e-mails sent directly from Customer Master. While there are a wide variety of message options, the delinquent notice and appointment reminder e-mails could both reduce fuel usage. MACC clients have successfully used AutoPilot delinquent notices to reduce the number of disconnections they need to make each month…which in some instances can cut down on truck rolls associated with the disconnection. For the appointment reminders, these automated messages reduce the odds of customers forgetting they have an appointment with a technician.

Time Management System (TMS)
TMS enables your team to complete their time entry for payroll electronically and eliminates the need for a trip to the office to “punch-in” or out.

Interested in using these gas-saving features?
If you’re not using one of these services or features, and would like to start, please reach out to your MACC Representative for details. Or, if you are using these services, just not to their full potential, we have Web Training courses taught by MACC associates, and MACC Minute Tutorials which can be viewed at any time at no cost. Log-in to MACC’s Client Central and then follow the links for training below.

• MACC Mobile and Customer Master – Web Training and MACC Minutes Tutorial
• MACC Mobile and Accounting Master – Web Training
• Map-It – MACC Minutes Tutorial
• TMS – Web Training (three available) and MACC Minutes Tutorials (three available)

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