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Custom Grid Reports can be a real time-saver

by Julie Riecken, MACC’s Training Support Manager

Some MACC clients have accounts where the network tiers have been disconnected, or USPs have been outdated on those networks, but the account is still active. In the past, it’s been a little tricky to find those “abandoned” accounts. The good news is, we have a suggestion – use the Custom Grid Reports.

First, you’ll want to select the Account Custom Grid Report in the Report Type drop-down. Next, select the fields you want included on the report. I recommend at least Account Number, Full Name, Active Networks, and Active Services. Be sure to select the Active Accounts Only checkbox at the top of the screen. (Note: Active Networks and Active Services may be at the bottom of the list of available fields, unlike the screen shot here.)

Click View to launch the report. Your results will display blanks where there are Active Accounts with no Active Services (such as Account #1441 in the following example), and Active Accounts with no Active Networks or Active Services (such as Account #1450 in the following example).

Export the listing to a .CSV to perform further filtering. You may want to take action on these accounts such as disconnecting the account tier if it is no longer needed.

For additional information, please contact your Software Support Representative.

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