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New year…new capabilities

Happy 2023 everyone! I can’t believe another year has flown by so quickly!! As we begin 2023, and New Year’s resolutions abound, I want you to start thinking about day-to-day efficiencies and functionality in Accounting Master and Customer Master you might not be using. It’s so easy to “do things the way we’ve always done them…” hence, New Year’s resolutions … but we’ve had astounding success working with customers who want to take advantage of everything they can to make the day-to-day work easier.

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Client Solutions News
Software Update

Software Update

Start the year strong with these BDC tips

Hopefully you all attended one of our FCC 477/BDC training sessions last month. It seems the FCC has decided BDC reporting will be the rule going forward. Below are a few key things for Customer Master users to keep in mind with the most important tip being to use the Network and Address Suites for BDC maintenance as it helps with navigation.
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Client Solutions News

MACC is your one point of contact

One thing we know MACC does, because we’ve heard it time and time again, is offer exceptional service our competitors don’t. With MACC, you don’t have to call and put in a ticket when you need help – you call, we answer. Ok, sometimes you get voicemail … but we call you right back! We pride ourselves on truly being your partner, which is why we’ve worked so hard to provide you with a specialized team assigned to your company to help you when you need it most.
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Client Solutions
Billing News

Billing News

Postage rates will change this month

The U.S. Postal Service is changing its postage rates later this month. Effective January 22nd, the following rates will take effect.

Weight Not Over (oz)5-digitAADCMixed AADCLetters
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Technical Information

Don’t put back-ups at the back of your mind…schedule your MARS test

The phrase “trust, but verify” has become a popular reference when working with cybersecurity. There are many elements of cybersecurity that this message can apply to but perhaps the most practical would be when working with backups.

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Technical Information

Transmit Day
February’s transmit day for first of the month billing is January 24th. The complete schedule for 2023 is now available. 

Download MACC’s January Calendar
You’ll find our recipe of the month (three-can chili), a Customer Master Tip, and TRIVIA. Download the January Calendar.

December’s Trivia Winner
Congratulations to Jenn Tyler at Burlington Telecom. She is the lucky winner of last month’s trivia contest.

Maintenance Sunday – January 8th
From 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Central) on Sunday, January 8th, our technicians will conduct maintenance on our network. During this time, web-based services from MACC may be unavailable. This affects MSaaS and all MACC websites (Web Reporting, TMS, FTP, etc.) as well as online access to customer statements. Going forward, MACC will be scheduling network maintenance during the same timeframe on the second Sunday of each month.

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