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MACC is your one point of contact

by Joelle Kesling, Director of Client Services

One thing we know MACC does, because we’ve heard it time and time again, is offer exceptional service our competitors don’t. With MACC, you don’t have to call and put in a ticket when you need help – you call, we answer. Ok, sometimes you get voicemail … but we call you right back! We pride ourselves on truly being your partner, which is why we’ve worked so hard to provide you with a specialized team assigned to your company to help you when you need it most.

Your company has an assigned Software Support Representative (SSR). You should be calling your SSR when you have questions about how to do something in the software. It can be as simple as running a report, entering a payment, creating a new template – or something more in-depth like BDC reporting. If your assigned SSR isn’t available, there is a whole team of SSRs that can be of assistance. Your company also has an assigned Client Solutions Manager (CSM). Your CSM should be contacted when you have new business on the horizon, a new vendor you want to interface with, continuing education requests, or anything relating to challenges that are outside of specific software functionality.

The bottom line is this – MACC wants to continue to be your business partner for whatever you need. So we are your one point of contact – you don’t have to call several different companies. We are here for you, and if your assigned SSR or CRM doesn’t immediately have the answer, they’ll get it! We want you to know you can depend on us to help in any way we can. We love when we hear customers say “I couldn’t do this without you” – because WE wouldn’t be US without YOU!”

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