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A new year brings a new MACC website

The calendar isn’t the only thing changing at MACC. This week, we launched a brand-new website. The address remains the same at, but for you as a MACC client a more important address to bookmark is This is the location of Client Central, which is a new and improved version of MACC’s Client Pages.

An important note: Your existing credentials for MACC’s Client Pages will continue to work. If needed, the new site does give you the ability to reset your company’s password or you can continue to request assistance from MACC using a short online form.

So what’s new? We’ve added more quick links to make it even easier to tackle frequently used tasks. The site search feature has also been improved to find content you don’t access all the time. We have also made it easier to access the many options for learning new skills our Training Team has created over the last few months. If you haven’t taken a look at the library of MACC Minutes Training videos lately, you owe it to yourself to check them out. You’ll be surprised how many new skills you can learn from the comfort of your home or office. MACC Minutes videos are  completely free to use.

Usage instructions
Many of Client Central’s quick links don’t require you to login and can be accessed right from the home page. You will need to use your client credentials to access product documents, the complete list of training options, and additional information. Click the button below for a downloadable PDF with detailed instructions for accessing all of Client Central’s information.

We hope you find the new website to be a useful tool during billing time or whenever you need information relating to MACC’s products or services. If you have any questions on MACC’s new Client Central, please send them to [email protected]. As 2021 progresses, we’ll be adding additional new features and be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks as always for your trust in MACC and have a wonderful new year!

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