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MACC Mobile – by the numbers

Smart phones and tablet computers have revolutionized how the world communicates and accesses the web. When these devices are used with MACC Mobile, your employees have unprecedented access to your company’s information stored in Customer Master and Accounting Master. MACC Mobile has been available for several years now and has been a popular option for our clients. We wanted to know how our clients were using MACC Mobile and what effect it has had on their operation.


An overwhelming majority of respondents said MACC Mobile made their companies more efficient and they would recommend the service to their peers.

Look below for details on the ways MACC clients are using the service and how it has helped their companies.

What percentage of companies use the following aspects of Customer Master via MACC Mobile?

  • Trouble Tickets 100% 100%
  • Account Inquiry 78% 78%
  • Service Orders 78% 78%
  • Inbox 66% 66%
  • Scheduler 22% 22%
  • Prospect/CRM 11% 11%

At your company, which employees utilize MACC Mobile?

  • Technicians 100% 100%
  • Customer Service Representatives 56% 56%
  • Accounting Team 11% 11%
  • Management Team 11% 11%
  • Sales/marketing 11% 11%

Of technicians using MACC Mobile, what aspects do they use?

  • Trouble Tickets 89% 89%
  • Account Inquiry 67% 67%
  • Service Orders 56% 56%
  • Inbox 45% 45%
  • Plant Data 45% 45%
  • Scheduler 22% 22%

How many hours do you estimate your staff is saving each month by using MACC Mobile?

  • One to five hours 38% 38%
  • Five to 10 hours 25% 25%
  • 15-20 hours 13% 13%
  • Another amount 25% 25%

How many dollars do you estimate your company is saving each month due to efficiency improvements related to MACC Mobile?

  • $100 to $999 58% 58%
  • $2,000 to $2,999 14% 14%
  • $3,000 to $3,999 14% 14%
  • Another amount 14% 14%

What MACC Mobile users had to say…

We are new users of MACC Mobile so results are preliminary. The biggest efficiencies we’ve gained through initial implementation are paper reduction, order processing time, and time that used to be spent tracking down “lost” paperwork. We anticipate utilizing additional MACC Mobile modules in the future and look forward to gaining even greater efficiency as we continue to utilize the tool.

MACC Client in Oregon

All your customers’ information at your fingertips in the field!

MACC Client in Nebraska

For additional information about how MACC Mobile can help make your company more efficient, contact your Client Relations Manager or Account Manager.


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