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The Importance of Continuing Education

by Joelle Kesling, Director of Sales + Marketing

As you are reading this newsletter, we are deep into Session 1 of MBTC 2023.  We’ve got attendees from over 25 states – and Canada – here with us, and are so glad to see so many new faces!

 You’ve heard us promote the importance of MBTC, but I want to take a moment to promote the importance of continuing education.  As you know, we currently provide upgrades to our products twice per year.  We’ve started using a new tool called Aha! to allow you to not only submit ideas to us, but to vote on ideas submitted by your peers at other companies.  This tool has already garnered a lot of interest – so if this is the first you are hearing about it, or you want to be able to submit ideas and vote, please let us know so we can get you set up!

 Not only have we introduced Aha!, but we’ve recently introduced a partnership with Twilio – a texting service (read the article below for more information), SmartVx – a customized video service, and a new mapping product line.  While it might appear I’m shamelessly touting all MACC can bring to your table, I’m reminding you all of these things because it truly stresses the importance of the continuing education I mentioned earlier.  If you aren’t dialed into any of our continuing ed offerings – WOW subscription, onsite or web classes, PiE reviews – you won’t know about all these cool new things we have.  We want you to have as much information as possible about what we are bringing to you – we also want you to be up to speed on the enhancements we are putting into Accounting Master, Customer Master, and our web services.

 So please, reach out to your Client Solutions Manager to discuss what type of continuing ed is right for you!  We can even customize an education plan for your team, working directly with your database and information.  All it takes is a call to us and I promise you will be so glad you did.


MACC Acquires a New Mapping Product Line

MACC is excited to announce the acquisition of a product line that will provide mapping and enhanced network inventory management solutions.

The system will enable rural telco providers to map and track their infrastructure assets in real-time. We are working to provide a seamless integration into Customer Master, our BSS/OSS solution. Once the integration is complete, system users will be able to manage mapping and network inventory from right in the system, without having to have a third-party interface or leave the software for manual entry elsewhere. Additionally, map creation and maintenance services will be available soon as well. Regulatory reporting will be simplified as Customer Master will contain everything needed to meet reporting requirements.

MACC Executive Vice President Brian Thomas said, “We could not be more excited to introduce this new functionality to MACC customers. We are gaining a best-in-class, fully integrated infrastructure mapping and network inventory management solution to enhance our product offerings. Customers have asked for this, and we are happy to bring it to market.”

Look for more information coming soon!

Product Spotlight
MACC Mobile

Product News

Texting is tops for customer engagement: Twilio!

Does your company need to improve its customer engagement? The solution may be no further than the cell phone in your pocket. SMS text messages, you know – the kind you trade with family, friends, and colleagues, deliver impressive engagement stats when used by businesses. According to Twilio, 98% of texts are opened, 90% are read within three minutes, and 45% receive responses. We’re still fans of e-mail, but according to Constant Contact, the current average open rate of e-mails across all industries is 34 percent.

Whether you need to deliver good news…such as your latest special offer for faster internet…or not so good news (like an outage or delinquent notices), short, concise text messages are the way consumers want to hear from your company. It’s not just the “kids” either. Every age group considers text-messaging as their phone’s favorite communication method.

Using MACC’s newest integration with Twilio, your company can leverage text messages in your marketing campaigns AND day-to-day communications. We can also provide helpful guidance on how to collect and receive approval to use your customers’ cell phone numbers.

Contact your Client Solutions Manager today to get started!

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October’s transmit day for first of the month billing is September 22nd. Follow this link for the complete 2023 schedule

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August Trivia Winner
Congratulations to Doran Herbel from WTC. She is the lucky winner of last month’s trivia contest.


Maintenance Sunday – September 9
From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (Central) on Sunday, August 9, our technicians will conduct maintenance on our network. During this time, web-based services from MACC may be unavailable. This affects MSaaS and all MACC websites (Web Reporting, TMS, FTP, etc.) as well as online access to customer statements. Going forward, MACC will be scheduling network maintenance during the same timeframe on the second Sunday of each month.

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