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How would you like to reduce postage costs by 80%?

Would you believe more than 80% of new customers would choose to receive their bill via e-mail instead of traditional mail? That’s what happened when a MACC client recently launched services in a new town, and on their online order form, the company gave customers the option to receive bills via e-mail. To be exact, 82% chose e-mail without prompting or special offers…they were just given the choice when they signed up for services.

Imagine what your company could do with the money it saves if it could reduce postage expenses by 80%. If a similar percentage of customers are also using eBill or ACH transactions for paperless billing, think of the time savings in terms of not posting all of those payments manually.

Getting more than 80% of your company’s accounts switched over to eBill won’t happen overnight, but every customer that goes with a paperless option means a little more money is saved each month. Here are some tips to nudge customers towards paperless billing.

  • Ask them to go paperless! Every contact you have with a customer is an opportunity for them to make the switch.
  • Do you let customers request services via your website? If so, make sure you give them the option on the form to receive their bills via e-mail.
  • Add a stand alone form on your website where any customer can request to receive their statements electronically.
  • Offering a small, one-time credit is a great incentive towards paperless billing that is quickly recouped in cost savings.
  • Get the word out about paperless billing via on-bill ads or bill inserts.

Contact MACC’s Creative Services Team for help giving customers the ability to request paperless billing via your website or any promotional material you may need. They can be reached at [email protected]. For any questions about eBill or other paperless billing options, be sure to contact your MACC Software Support Representative.


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