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Another one is in the book!

by Joelle Kesling, Director of Client Services

We are so happy to have hosted those of you who attended MBTC 2019! It is always great to get to spend time with our customers, and we hope you went home with a brain full of new things you can’t wait to implement!

MACC has some exciting news! You asked, we listened…and we will be returning to Embassy Suites Downtown for MBTC 2020. The newly-remodeled hotel is stunning – and yes, I’ve seen it and you will barely recognize the lobby area! For you coffee aficionados, you will be pleased to know Starbucks has moved to the front of the lobby area, and will be a full-service Starbucks, so there will be even more deliciousness from which to choose (although it means you have to walk through the lobby in your pj’s in the morning to get your cup o’ joe). The remodeled guest rooms are spectacular – and whether you choose the king room, the double room, or the Presidential Suite (yep, saw that too – it’s as big as a house!), we know you will love the new look and feel at Embassy Suites. We can’t wait to see you there… because we are already planning to celebrate MACC’s 45th Birthday with you in 2020!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the MBTC survey, as this is critical information for us to have and use as we prepare for future MACC events. We received a lot of positive comments about the content of MBTC 2019, and we are glad you found it worth your time to attend. I would like to suggest one thing, though…no matter what you are saying on your survey, or how you are rating us, we appreciate when you choose to put your name and/or company on the survey. If things are great, we love to use our customers as testimonials – because who better?!?! If things aren’t a hundred percent, we are able to give you a call and work through whatever the issue is. We can only get better if you tell us what you like and don’t like…and our goal is to continuously be the best partner your company can have.

MBTC presentations are available
As a reminder, many of the general session and complimentary training presentations are available on MACC’s Client Pages. You will need your log-in information to view the pdf files. If you need any assistance, please contact your Software Support Representative and they will help you get logged-in.

THANK YOU to all of you – we appreciate your continued confidence and partnership!


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