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Get a free month of WOW Training

Here is a New Year’s resolution that is easy to keep: learn new skills in MACC’s products. We make keeping this resolution easy with WOW (Wide Open Web) Training. For just $99 per month, you and your staff can take an almost unlimited number of web courses, all taught by MACC’s expert Training Team. If you sign up for one of our WOW Training plans, your company can enjoy a free month of the service!

From basic concepts to advanced practices, almost every aspect of Customer Master and Accounting Master is covered.  More than 80 courses are available and six have been added in just the last few months with the roll out of version 15.2 of our products.

Web Training Courses Client page access required.


Here are a few course examples and the new skills you will learn

  • Customer Master notifications – See how to automate customer communications using new e-mail functionality available in CM 15.2.
  • Paperless service orders – Learn how to streamline your office processes to increase efficiency and reduce work effort. A must-see course for any company looking to become more efficient in the New Year.
  • Managing plant in fiber – Are you busy with fiber build outs this year? If so, this course provides ideas for effectively structuring and managing fiber-based records and premise equipment.

Put the power of WOW Training to work for your office today
To subscribe to a WOW Training plan, and enjoy a free month of service, contact your MACC Client Relations Manager or Account Manager.

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