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Accounting Master 17.2 Highlights

By Mary White, Accounting Master Product Owner

The following is a summary of the major new enhancements included in Accounting Master Version 17.2.

Approve Invoice Batches and Payment Batches from MACC Mobile
Don’t wait to get back to the office to keep the process of Accounts Payable moving. Invoice batches and/or payment batches can now be approved in a mobile environment from the MACC Mobile Application. Review the invoice information, view attachments associated to each invoice, and approve or deny the invoice for posting and/or payment.

Financial Report Updates
The financial flexibility offered through the Financial Reporting tool in Accounting Master continues to grow. Your productive feedback over the last six months has led to the following changes to the Financial Reporting application: 1) custom underline, double-underline, and above line formatting 2) the option to print dollar signs 3) the option to suppress, change verbiage, and control formatting of each header line 4) customizable report titles.

All Company Reporting
The need for information at your fingertips is consistently the highest priority at MACC. Whether your Accounting Master database holds two or 20 general ledger companies, an overall look at your corporate operation is important. With that in mind, MACC has added All Company reporting options to the Trial Balance, JE Detail, and General Ledger Reports.

Direct Expense Inventory (Non-Inventory Tracking)
There are certain items in your inventory that are needed for the tracking of quantity, re-order point, and possibly even serial number, but are not classified as true inventory items. These items can be directly expensed during the receive process. In 17.2, you’ll find a new option added to the Inventory Module to track these Direct Expense items. During the order and receive of a direct expense item the system will use a default expense account for the posting transaction. This account can be adjusted on a transaction by transaction basis. During the issue, adjustment, and retirement of a direct expense item the system will create an inventory transaction that adjusts the quantity and value of the item but there will be no associated general ledger posting.

Suspend Modules
Closing a period in Accounting Master finalizes the books for a given month. There may be times when, for various reasons, an accounting period cannot be closed in a timely fashion. To prevent users from posting to a past period that is being held open, a new feature has been added to Accounting Master 17.2 called GL Suspend Period. Suspending a period for a specific module will remove the period from selection on the entry type screen as well as validate the period is Open (not closed/suspended) during posting type processes.

For complete details on Accounting Master 17.2, be sure to check out its Update Letter on MACC’s Client Pages. Questions on this edition of Accounting Master can be directed to your Software Support Representative.

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