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A new version of TMS is now available

A new version of the eMACC Time Management System (TMS) is available this month. Users will find TMS to be even more adept at adjusting to all devices. Whether you use a smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer, TMS will be even easier to use in the office or in the field.

Additional functionality we’ve enhanced with this version of TMS includes…
Employee preferences
 Time entry
Labor verification
Plus more!

To see complete details on the improvements MACC has added to TMS, click the button below to read its Enhancement Summary. Please note, Client Page access is needed to view the document.

Not using TMS?
This powerful product makes payroll and other human resource related tasks easier for employees and managers by creating a web-based portal into Accounting Master. For more information, please contact your MACC Client Relations Manager or Account Manager.

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