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Rainbow review: A year of color bills

By Steve Turner, Director of Billing Services

Last summer, bright color bills started to roll off MACC’s new printer as this statement option became available to our clients. Since it has been about year since we started, I thought I’d take this opportunity to provide an update on our color bills and remind everyone how easy it is to hop on the rainbow by adding color to their statements.

First, here are the numbers. More than 60 MACC clients have converted to color bills, and we are now printing almost 100,000 statements in color each month. Customers are using color to highlight important aspects of their statements, match their brand, and make on-bill ads “pop” off the page. Check out the improvement color makes on this sample page of on-bill ads.

MACC makes it easy to add color to your statements. To start, contact your MACC Representative for more information and pricing. You can also visit the color bill page on MACC’s website for examples of color statements, more benefits, and a convenient form for requesting a sample for your company. We look forward to seeing your statements in color soon.

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