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Communication ideas for happier Internet customers

By Ryan Thompson, Creative Services Manager

One of the best parts about working on MACC’s Creative Services Team is seeing great marketing and communications ideas from companies all over the United States. We have many very smart clients and sometimes, there are ideas too good to not pass along. This month, I want to share a great idea for cutting down on customer complaints about Internet service.

First, a quick back story is in order. Last month, I was having intermittent Internet speed issues with the DSL service at my home. One moment my Internet would work flawlessly and then a few minutes later it would slow to a crawl. After blaming everyone from my ISP to my daughters’ affinity for streaming video on their iPads, it turned out my own ignorance was the culprit.

Like a lot of homes these days, we have many electronic devices as we’re a very tech friendly family. Cell phones, a Roku, iPads, lap tops, and even an Amazon Echo can all be found at my house. Many of these devices are continually running, and that means they can receive software updates automatically at any time. My ISP’s tech support reminded me when these updates begin, they can utilize enough bandwidth on a DSL connection to cause issues for users. The solution is to either schedule updates for times when no one will be using the Internet or pause them if they’re interfering with another online task. As someone who considers himself pretty tech-savvy, I felt a little silly for not thinking about the update issue myself.

A simple message, but an important reminder
Here is where that great client idea comes into play. A few days after I solved my Internet problem, I saw a great on-bill ad from WWest Communications in Washington. The ad reminded customers to schedule upgrades at night. It’s a simple message, but one that customers need to hear. Even those who are tech-savvy, or at least think they are, can use the reminder.

The fine folks at WWest Communications said they’re happy to share their idea with others so we’ve added “Night Hours Bandwidth” reminder ads to our on-bill ad gallery. You can see the gallery by following this link. As a reminder, you’ll need Client Page login information to view the page. Hopefully, by reminding customers to take software updates into consideration, you’ll reduce tech support calls and increase satisfaction with your Internet service.

Other ideas for happy Internet customers
Reminding folks about those pesky automatic updates isn’t the only way to have happier customers. Below are few more ideas…

  • When talking with new subscribers, make sure to ask how they’re using the Internet and then suggest an appropriate speed based on their response. A home where multiple devices are streaming HD movies all day probably won’t be filled with happy occupants if they take a lower speed of Internet.
  • Provide recommended usage examples for your Internet service on your website. This gives customers the ability to do their own research before contacting your office.
  • Make sure customers are using good routers. A cheap router can give the very best Internet service a bad name. Selling new customers a quality router when they subscribe to your service is a proactive approach to this potential area of trouble.

MACC’s Creative Services Team can help
To help get the word out about potential Internet issues and how to prevent them, be sure to contact us. MACC’s Creative Services Team can place ads on your bills, add content to your website, and even create brochures. We can be reached at [email protected] or

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