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More color and less paper in 2020

By Steve Turner, Director of Billing Services

During a year like no other, MACC’s Billing Team has been hard at work to ensure the consistent and reliable service your company needs from its billing vendor is maintained. Like your company, we took steps to protect our team members’ health as they conducted their important work. These safety measures allowed us to continue to produce statements and distribute them on-time with no disruptions.

We have also made progress on a couple of important initiatives. The first is color bills. The number of companies using color on their bills continues to increase with more than five dozen clients now enjoying the benefits of bright, branded statements. Our production of color statements has increased 25 percent over the last quarter alone.

Additionally, we continue to encourage clients to promote paperless billing to their customer base. We have some clients who have pushed their paperless adoption rate to above 20 percent and are seeing significant benefits. Converting accounts to paperless reduces client postage expense and end-users receive statements in much less time.

Something new for 2020 was a specially purchased printer for the production of inserts and delinquent notices. This new printer does a wonderful job producing colorful inserts. It is something that’s needed as the Billing Team is now printing inserts for the majority of our clients.

As one year ends and another begins, the Billing Team would like to thank you for the opportunity to produce your company’s statements. We look forward to serving you in 2021.


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