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Check out the user guide for the Avalara integration

By Steve Turner, Director of Billing Services

Customer Master integrates with Avalara to deliver a fast, easy, accurate, and automated tax solution. If your company is using Avalara, or is thinking about doing so, MACC worked with the company to create a helpful new user guide. You’ll find the guide on Client Central by following this link. The document is in a secured part of Client Central so you’ll need to login first.

If you’re not familiar with Avalara and how the cloud-based solution works with Customer Master, it is an efficient way to increase sales tax compliance and reduce the risk of audit. Avalara provides real-time tax calculations using tax content from more than 12,000 U.S. taxing jurisdictions. Besides calculating taxes due, the service can file them for you on your behalf.

When integrated with Customer Master, Avalara and the information it provides, is connected to MACC’s processes and can handle tax and surcharges exemptions. More information on Avalara is in the guide.

You can also receive more information on the Customer Master/Avalara integration by contacting your MACC Client Solutions Manager.

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