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Reduce the stress of dealing with delinquent accounts with help from MACC

By Steve Wolff, Billing Operations Manager

Looking to cut down on expenses and work effort (who isn’t)? Then a great place to start is having MACC help with your delinquent notices. MACC can print and mail paper notices to delinquent accounts and we can also configure Customer Master to send out e-mail messages through our AutoPilot service.

Delinquent notice printing and fulfillment
MACC takes the headache out of producing delinquent notices by handling…everything! Once you enroll in delinquent notice printing, we handle all of the printing, addressing, and mailing of your notices. With decades of experience, we are experts at producing these notices in a timely and professional manner.

Key benefits of the service include…

  • Reduced labor expense
  • No equipment to purchase or maintain
  • Lower production costs through our greater volume
  • Possible postage discounts

Delinquent AutoPilot Messages
Through our AutoPilot service, MACC creates a custom, mobile friendly e-mail for your company that is distributed to accountholders who are about to become delinquent, reminding them payment is due. The messages include the amount due, information on payment methods, and any additional text companies would like to include.

AutoPilot Delinquent Messages can’t replace paper notices, but instead are meant to be sent several days in advance of the paper versions. Clients who are using Delinquent AutoPilot Messages report significant reductions in the number of paper delinquent notices they must send and the disconnections made each month. They can truly de-stress disconnect day.

Ready to spend less time and money on delinquent accounts?
Contact your MACC Representative for more details and pricing on both delinquent notice printing and AutoPilot. It will be a great way to start the new year!

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