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Postage rates changed in August

By Steve Wolff, Billing Operations Manager

The U.S. Postal Service changed its postage rates last month. Effective August 29th, the following rates took effect.

Weight Not Over (oz)5-digitAADCMixed AADCLetters

The majority of statements mailed from MACC fall into the automated one or two ounce categories. For questions regarding the new postage rates, please send an e-mail to [email protected].

MACC features can reduce your postage expense
If you’re looking for ways to reduce your company’s postage expense, MACC offers two alternatives to mailed statements. First, we have eBill which provides your customers with complete online access to their account. Statements can be sent to enrolled customers via e-mail to reduce the number of mailed statements, and payments can be made using several electronic options. If your company already has eBill, make sure you’re promoting the service’s use. The benefits of eBill are only limited by the number of customers using it. Your MACC Client Relations Manager or Account Manager can answer any eBill related questions.

A second option, which is included at no extra charge within Customer Master, is the ability to e-mail statements to customers directly from the program. This feature only requires a customer’s e-mail address and permission to send statements via e-mail. For assistance utilizing the bill via e-mail feature, contact your MACC Software Support Representative.


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