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Employee Announcement for June 2020

Three long-time MACC associates have moved into new leadership roles within our company.

Tom Goduto is now the Director of Information Services. He replaces Rex Rogers, who retired last month. Tom started at MACC in 1998 as a programmer. During his time at MACC, he has held a variety of leadership positions and was previously our Director of Billing Services. Tom has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with our customers, associates, and MACC’s products and services.

Steve Turner is now MACC’s Director of Billing Services. He started as a Systems Analyst with MACC in January of 2006 and most recently was managing our Billing Services Programming Team since September of 2013. Steve has worked extensively with our end-user billing and CABS systems.

Earlier in 2020, Mary White assumed management of MACC’s Product Team. This group of associates is responsible for managing the ongoing development of Customer Master, Accounting Master, and our eMACC Products. Her previous roles at MACC include Training/Conversion Analyst and Accounting Master Product Owner. Most recently, Mary was managing our Quality Assurance Team, a role in which she will continue.

Please join us in congratulating these long-time MACC associates. They each look forward to working together, with their teams, and all of MACC to continue to deliver the products and services your company needs for continued success.


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