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Sue KlichSue Klich

Sue (Murray) Klich is December’s Featured Employee. She is an Associate Product Owner on the Information Services Team. MACC is always improving our products and that keeps Sue busy as she is responsible for documenting changes to Customer Master and MACC Mobile. This means she plays a big role in much of the product documentation we send your way.

Q. When did you start at MACC?
A. October 18, 2004

Q. What’s your favorite part of your job?
A. Documenting an enhancement in the update letter that I know our clients are going to love is my favorite part of the job. I like the idea of our clients using a new feature that makes their job easier. It gives me the feeling of watching someone open a gift they have always needed.

Q. Can you please tell us about your family?
A. Oh geez, grab a cup of coffee! I am blessed with a large, loving family. I finally found the man of my dreams in Robert (Bob) Klich, and we married June 10, 2017. He was worth the wait! I am the fifth child of seven raised by loving parents in a small home. We are LOUD, very close, and my siblings are my best friends. My extraordinary father just celebrated his 90th birthday in September, and my mother, God rest her soul, took her trip up to heaven in April. She was an interesting character and a coal miner’s daughter. I am also beyond blessed with my son, Andrew, who also works here at MACC, his wife Andrea, who I love as my own, my granddaughter Olivia (the light of my life), my daughter, Nicole, who works in the medical field with the elderly, and her boyfriend, Sam. When I married Bob, I gained a loving stepdaughter, Ashley, who lives in Mississippi, an architectural engineer and professor at Mississippi State, her husband, Patrick, a pilot in the Air Force, and their two beautiful girls…Joella and Abigail. I would say my cup runneth over!

Q. What do you do for fun in your free time?
A. Free time, what is that? Since I retired from my music career, I spend more time at home, and we’ve been remodeling the house. I have also discovered I can paint, and my canvas is typically a brick or piece of wood. Bob and I enjoy gathering with friends and family at home, and especially in our cabana in the backyard. More than anything else, I love spending time with my two-year old granddaughter Olivia, who has learned to say NO, and who has me and Papa Bob wrapped around her little finger.

Q. If you could travel anywhere to spend a week on vacation, where would it be?
A. Colorado with my husband, in a remote, rustic cabin atop a mountain. The cabin must have a wood fireplace, a hot tub, a good bottle of wine and my guitar.

Q. What’s the best career advice you’ve ever received?
A. “You do not have to know the answer to every question, but you must gain your clients’ trust by finding the answer and getting back to them.”

Q. What’s your favorite quote?
A. “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are exactly right.”

Q. The one person I’ve always wanted to meet?
A. Travis Tritt. I have always wanted to sing with Travis, there is just something about his voice that appeals to me. If I had my choice of songs to sing harmony on, it would be his second number-one hit “Anymore.”

Q. If you could add any food to the MACC vending machines, what would it be?
A. Since my requests for a margarita machine are repeatedly denied, my second choice would be chocolate…more chocolate!

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