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Accounting Master 18.2

By Mary White, Accounting Master Product Owner

The following is a summary of the major new enhancements included in Accounting Master Version 18.2.

NII Returns
MACC has provided its users with an efficient tool for tracking CPE inventory issued to a customer. This can be most effectively accomplished through the Network Inventory Interface (NII). Items that are returned from a customer’s account also need to be tracked. If that item is in working condition MACC provides an option to return the item back to inventory. This process has been enhanced to provide extended options. These options include the ability to return the item at a salvage value, return the item as a different item ID, return attribute values assigned to the equipment during provisioning, and return a single instance of an item that was issued as a quantity greater than one. A combination of these new features will better help your company maintain used CPE equipment returned from your customers.

Redact Encrypted Fields
In our constantly changing world it is more important than ever to protect identification. MACC continues to emphasize this in its products. The encryption in place since the inception of Accounting Master protects things like SSN, TIN, EIN, bank account, and credit card numbers from a database breach. As we continue to protect our customers MACC has made changes to the on screen view of these fields. Encrypted fields will now display redacted on screen. With the appropriate security, users will be able to view the information unredacted by placing their cursor in the field. Additionally, reports that contain an encrypted field will display/print redacted (last 4 digits only) unless the Unmask checkbox has been selected at which point the entire number will be displayed/printed.

Manual Transaction Entry
MACC’s inventory module is a robust tool used for the maintenance, movement, and reporting of your company’s items. Inventory can be issued from various applications. The Manual Transaction screen is the main location within the inventory module where users can transfer, issue, retire, receive, adjust, etc. items. In 18.2 MACC has redesigned this screen to focus on the movement of multiple items to the same transaction structure (GL account, work order, date, and period). This enhancement allows one or more inventory items to be selected in a grid to fulfill the transaction.

Statement of Employee Benefits
Employee benefit statements gather information from wages, taxes, deductions, and benefits processed during payroll. In 18.2 additional monetary and non-monetary benefits can be included on the benefit statement. These benefits will represent those advantages that have not been processed during a payroll.


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