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Have you looked at Sales Lead yet?

By Lori Bayne, Customer Master Product Owner

For several years now, Customer Master has had the ability to store quotes and prospects. In Customer Master 18.1, we revamped these modules and moved forward with Sales Lead!

Users still have access to any current quotes and prospects stored in the database upon upgrade to Customer Master 18.1, but we encourage you to start using Sales Lead for future prospective customers. Below is a quick overview of Sales Lead’s functionality.

  • There is a Service Order-like template to store all the information you need on a prospective customer. Everyone is familiar with the Service Order format! Therefore, users can easily maneuver around in the new Sales Lead to add the necessary tiers, services, and additional data you would like to retain.
  • In addition, a Sales Lead can be created on any existing customer. If you are working to upsell a customer and want to document the changes, do it in a Sales Lead and show them the appropriate costs for the change of service. If the customer decides not to proceed with the changes, just cancel the Sales Lead and you can move forward with any other Service Orders for future changes.
  • Two new fields have been added to the header: an expiration date and the Sales Lead code. The Sales Lead code is used to determine which Sales Lead document will be used for a prospective customer. For example, your company could have separate documents for ILEC vs. CLEC prospects.
  • Users have the ability to customize the Sales Lead document. We added a standard document that can be updated for your company’s unique needs.
  • Once the prospective customer has notified your company they would like to proceed with the outlined services, a simple click of the accept button will transform the Sales Lead into a pending Service Order.
  • Any Sales Lead can be located in the Sales Lead Search grid. Sales Leads can have a status of pending, accepted, cancelled or locked.
  • If the Service Order is cancelled, the prospective customer information is retained and reverts back to a Sales Lead. If a Sales Lead needs to be cancelled for any reason, it is easy to do so. Once this step is taken, the prospect will no longer appear in the Sales Lead grid with a pending status.
  • If you have existing prospects in your database, we have added a tool to export them to a Sales Lead from the Prospect Inquiry grid. Please export these prospects before you are upgraded to CM 18.2, as the Prospect Management Module will be removed.

We are currently completing our final development work efforts for phase two of Sales Lead in Customer Master 18.2. These efforts include the ability to schedule Sales Leads and a reorganization of Classes, Stages, and Tasks. Be sure to look for more information in the near future on coming enhancements. If you have any questions on using Sales Lead, please contact your Customer Master Software Support Representative.


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