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Payroll on the go

By Mary White, Accounting Master Product Owner

Employees are constantly on the move and performing their work duties both in and outside of the office. MACC’s integrated system allows for several points of entry into a universal payroll module. Whether it’s the plant technician, customer service representative, accountant, office manager, or general manager labor can be easily entered and delivered to the payroll department accurately and on time using the method or methods that best fit your company’s needs.

  • For the employee on the move – use MACC’s Time Management System. As long as an employee has access to the internet they can enter their time, submit time off requests, view pay statements, and more.
  • For the employee working service orders and trouble tickets – use Customer Master or MACC Mobile Time Entry. While completing the ticket information, stop at the Time Entry screen to finalize the hours worked and forget about time reporting at the end of the day.
  • For the employee in the accounting department – use Accounting Master Labor or My Time Entry screens. You never have to exit the Accounting software and enter time as you go.
  • For management – use distribution codes, recurring labor entries, or auto-fill options to mass enter labor for a pay period.

For more information on MACC’s payroll features, please contact your software support representative. She can provide details on using these MACC products and explain available training options.


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