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HR enhancements highlight Accounting Master 19.2

By Stacie Finken, Accounting Master Product Owner

As always, we are constantly improving Accounting Master with each new release. You will find highlights from version 19.2 below. While we have added enhancements throughout the product, you will notice some of the most signficant improvements are found in the areas of human resources and payroll. We hope you find the enhancements make Accounting Master even easier for your team to use. Read on for complete details!

Pay Grade Tracking
Maintaining employee information is beneficial for companies when reviewing employee reviews, wage increases, job roles, etc. To improve employee maintenance, MACC added a new Human Resource maintenance table for Pay Grade Tracking. This will allow companies to track wage information for specific job titles. The new maintenance table will contain Minimum, Midpoint, and Maximum wage information for each pay grade. This includes a Pay Grade/Wage Percentage report calculating the percentage of midpoint based on each employee’s current salary.

Variable Deduction Schedule
Currently our deduction feature assumes deductions are taken out every check for the same amount. There are instances when scheduling certain deductions would be more efficient. MACC has enhanced the deduction functionality by allowing users to set up a deduction schedule for selected deductions. The Deduction Schedule provides companies with control of scheduling specific deductions. The Global Deduction Change tool has also been updated allowing users to Update Deductions or Suspend a deduction from being processed.

TMS Time Clock
Monitoring employee time entry can be challenging for management and payroll personnel. There are times when employees forget to enter their time records due to busy schedules. MACC is introducing a Time Clock feature with TMS to help with employee time management. Time Clock allows employees to clock in and out, track meal times, and provides edit options to managers when needed. Companies will be able to select which employees will utilize Time Clock and choose a rounding option for time entry.

Inventory Listing Report
The Inventory Listing report is used to identify inventory items with current quantities and values for all locations. The report has been used for companies’ inventory balancing processes; often compared with the Inventory Balance report. We have enhanced the Inventory Listing report by adding a new option to calculate the results by Location Actual Value. This will allow users to run the Inventory Listing report by actual values and can be compared to the Inventory Balance report more accurately. Previously the report calculated the items based on the GL average value for each location.

More Accounting Master 19.2 information is available in its Update Letter
Check out the Update Letter for complete details and usage instructions. To access the Update Letter, first log-in to MACC’s Client Pages. Then return to this page and follow this link to the Update Letter section of MACC’s Client Pages. You will see a link to the 19.2 version near the top of the page. Please request assistance for any log-in issues as we’re happy to help!


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