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Product Spotlight

See a sneak peek of time-saving enhancements heading your way

by Rex Rogers, Vice President of Information Services

MACC never rests when it comes to improving our products and the latest fruits of our labor will become available next month when version 19.2 of Customer Master and Accounting Master is released. If you’re attending MBTC this month, be sure to attend both products’ “What’s New” sessions for more information and watch for future versions of the eMessage for complete details. For this month, here is just a small sampling of improvements you’ll find in 19.2.

Customer Master 19.2

  • Improved ability to communicate with customers and employees
  • Increased efficiency through the use of auto assign values
  • Employees can be assigned to multiple departments
  • New capital credit functionality
  • A new representative field for NLAD
  • A custom receipt designer
  • Enhanced HUBB and FCC 477 reports

Accounting Master 19.2

  • Pay grade tracking for human resources
  • Variable deductions from employee wages
  • Time clock functionality for TMS
  • Enhancements to the inventory listing report

We hope you’re as excited to learn more about these enhancements as we are to roll them out in the coming months. Each product’s Update Letter and training opportunities will be available later in the fall as upgrades commence. If you have any questions at this time about the coming improvements, please reach out to your Client Relations Manager or Account Manager.

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