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We’ve made some awesometastic improvements to Web Self-Care

By Stacie Finken, Accounting Master Product Owner

MACC is constantly improving our products so you can become even better at serving your customers. One of our latest examples of product improvement can be found in our Web Self-Care (WSC) system. The improvements have made it easier for customers to register for WSC and pay their bill once they are enrolled.

Easier registration
WSC registration requires a security code and account number. For new users, the system can now display where these credentials are found on the customer’s statement.

Quicker access to bill payment
Once a customer is logged-in to WSC, accessing the eBill system for online payments is just a click away thanks to the new “My Bill” section. My Bill is a brief glance at the current bill information. This includes bill date, due date, amount due, and a “Pay Now” button. Clicking the “Pay Now” button will take a user directly to your company’s eBill system without having to log-in separately. The amount due will be updated in real-time as payments are made to the account.

The original “Make A Payment” button remains in WSC, and like the new “My Bill” section, users who click on this button will be taken directly to the eBill system without having to enter credentials for the payment system.

See the WSC Enhancement Summary
For complete details on the latest round of WSC improvements, view the April 2019 Enhancement Summary. Please note, Client Page access is needed, so be sure to log-in before clicking on the summary’s link.

Not using WSC? Your company is missing opportunities
If your company isn’t using WSC, it’s missing out on the opportunity to interact with customers on a 24/7 basis and those who prefer to handle everything online. WSC gives customers the ability to upgrade services, pay their bill, view statements, view usage, report trouble, and more. It also allows prospective customers to request service. For complete details, and a demonstration, contact your Client Relations Manager or Account Manager.

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