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Real time savers highlight Accounting Master 20.1

By Stacie Finken, Accounting Master Product Owner

With another version of Accounting Master now available, we can’t wait to show your team all of the time saving features found in 20.1. Below is just a sampling of what you’ll be able to do once your company receives its upgrade.

FMLA Tracking
Maintaining employee information is critical for companies when tracking benefits or leaves of absence. To improve maintenance of employee information, MACC added a new HR screen to the Employee Human Resources window for FMLA/Leave of Absence. This enhancement will allow companies to track employees’ FMLA/Leave of Absence. The new FMLA/Leave of Absence screen from Employee-Human Resources is reciprocal with the Employee-Compensation-Benefit Maintenance screen. This feature allows FMLA access to users with either Payroll and/or Human Resources module access.

Send Test E-Mail
Email notification is widely used for company communications. To ensure email notification has been set up correctly in Accounting Master, MACC has added the ability for users to test email notification setups. From the Email Configuration Setup screen a new Test Message button was added. The Test Message will only be enabled if the Configuration Code, Description, Email From Code, and Email type fields are populated. A test email will be sent to the entered Email Address by clicking on the Send Email button. Users will receive messages to indicate if the test email was successful, or it failed. A failed message would indicate further evaluation of the email configuration setup is needed.

Purchase Order Requisition Approval Improvements
The Purchase Order Requisition process is designed to notify the purchasing department of items requested, electronically routing the request form through an approval process. Several changes were made to the approval set up and PO Requisition approval process to improve efficiency. The Approval Group Maintenance has been enhanced by adding the Material Company, Purchasing Department, and Required Approval options. The Purchasing Roles screen was enhanced, promoting efficiency when establishing PO Requisition approval set up.

Purchase Order Requisition Improvement
The purchase order requisition process provides important information to those approving purchase order requests. With your feedback we continue to add valuable features to the requisition. As a result, MACC added new Preferences when working with Purchase Order Requisition. The PO Requisition was updated to include additional functionality. The Last Cost will populate for inventory items, Vendor Part No field can be included, and the Miscellaneous Charge field was added to the Item Information section.

More Accounting Master 20.1 information is available in its Update Letter
Check out the Update Letter for complete details and usage instructions. To access the Update Letter, first log-in to MACC’s Client Pages. Then return to this page and follow this link to the Update Letter section of MACC’s Client Pages. You will see a link to the 20.1 version near the top of the page. Please request assistance for any log-in issues as we’re happy to help!

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