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New surcharge report provides peace of mind

by Rick Paulsen, Client Relations Manager

As you look through your monthly reports (billing CD or on paper), you may notice a NEW report. It is the BLSUR Report, which gives you a view of the surcharges MACC’s Data Management Team maintains for your company. This report follows the surcharge sheet you filled out and returned to MACC for proper application of surcharge revenues.

The BLSUR Report displays the surcharge number, the surcharge rate, surcharge description, GL account number the charges are applied to, the USP Code associated to the surcharge, how you want taxes applied to the surcharge, applicable toll charges, carrier tax, a non-basic only indicator, and print if zero. So, check it out and look at your BLSUR report if MACC is maintaining your surcharges for you. It provides peace of mind of knowing how surcharges are set up for your company.

BLSUR Example

BLSUR Report

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