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You’ll find powerful new messaging features and more in CM 19.2

by Lori Bayne, Customer Master Product Owner

Whether it’s keeping employees connected or passing along needed information to customers, MACC understands the importance of good communication. For this reason, powerful new messaging features are included in Customer Master version 19.2, including the ability to send text messages during a variety of common scenarios. Read on to learn more about the new messaging features and the many other improvements coming soon to Customer Master.

To improve communications, the ability to send email-to-text notifications, delinquent notices, and scheduled appointment reminders to employees or customers is now available. More useable fields were added to Configuration Setups, as well as the ability to test a setup before it’s implemented. Welcome Packets can be sent based on Report Areas, and the creator of Scheduled Appointments can be notified when an appointment is changed or deleted.

Auto Assign Values
For those utilizing the Auto Assign Values tool to update addresses in the Address grid, you will find the tool much more convenient now that it will update the information on the accounts as well. This will eliminate the need for manual updates at the tier via Service Order.

Company employees often wear many hats, and with this in mind, the ability to assign multiple departments to an employee has been included in this release of Customer Master.

Capital Credits
For those companies using the Accounting Master/Customer Master Interface, as well as the Capital Credit module, a new AM Disbursement Check Status icon was added to the Capital Credit Disbursement Inquiry screen. The icon can be used to view the Capital Credit disbursement check number and check status stored in Accounting Master.

USAC/FCC required a new Representative ID (RAD ID) field be added to the Input File Layout. While MACC has met the requirement within Customer Master, USAC has not implemented it yet. Once this occurs, please contact your Software Support Representative to implement the new file layout. To meet this requirement, a USAC Rep ID field was added to the Employee Editor. Each company employee who will assist NLAD Lifeline customers with Lifeline enrollment will populate their ID in a new USAC Rep field in the Service Order Lifeline screen. The RAD ID will be included in the NLAD file upon creation.

Custom Receipts
There is value for companies in today’s industry to promote their name whenever they can. With this need for visibility in mind, the ability to add a logo on all standard receipts printed from Customer Master was added in this release. Custom Receipt Designers were developed so users can also add, or remove, certain fields currently on receipts, or design their own.


  • FCC HUBB Report – Multiple updates were made to the HUBB report, including the ability to edit, filter, and recreate, as well the addition of new data columns.
  • Telephone FCC 477 and Internet FCC 477 Reports – both reports have a new Technology Type option.

More Customer Master 19.2 information is available in its Update Letter
Check out the Update Letter for complete details and usage instructions. To access the Update Letter, first log-in to MACC’s Client Pages. Then return to this page and follow this link to the Update Letter section of MACC’s Client Pages. You will see a link to the 19.2 version near the top of the page. Please request assistance for any log-in issues as we’re happy to help!



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