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Accounting Master 21.2 Highlights

By MACC’s Product Team

This autumn’s release of Accounting Master 21.2 is filled with enhancements designed to make your job easier every day. A key new feature is the PTO Interface to Customer Master’s enhanced Scheduler. Read on for information on this key enhancement and other highlights. As always, complete details are available in the 21.2 Update Letter and by taking What’s New Training.

Mass Reassign Check Tool
At times it may be necessary to assign a new check number to a check generated in Accounting Master. The Reassign Check Numbers Tool allows users to change the check number in the system to match the actual printed number on the check. MACC has improved this tool to a grid view format, allowing users to reassign multiple new check numbers. Once all edits are entered, the user is able to Preview and Approve new check number assignment. Check numbers can be reassigned for any check in the system, but the new check number entered cannot currently be assigned to another check.

Employee Schedule Tracking
Maintaining employee information is beneficial for companies when reviewing an employee’s job detail, history, and work schedule. To improve employee maintenance, MACC added new Employee Schedule fields to the Employee Job Detail/History screen available from the Employee maintenance table. This new feature allows management to track and report their employees’ work schedules. An entered Employee Schedule will display on the Employee General Info tab. The Current Employee Master and Payroll Custom Grid reports were updated with Employee Schedule selections to view employee schedule details.

Inventory Item Bundle
MACC’s Inventory module is a robust tool used for the maintenance, movement, and reporting of your company’s items. MACC continues to strengthen inventory functions to improve efficiency. The Inventory Bundle option was added to the Items (Inventory) screen. It allows users to bundle inventory and non-inventory items together. Additionally, it provides the ability to order bundled items as a bundle, receive, and stock the bundled items separately into inventory. To add a bundle, simply enter the Bundle Item ID, Description, Stock UOM, and check the Bundle option. The Bundle Item will be available for selection during Purchase Order Requisition and Purchase Order processes. Inventory Bundles will not be available for Inventory Manual Transaction, Inventory Count, and Inventory Global Price Change processes. Bundles will be added to these functions in a future release.

The Purchase Order Requisition and Purchase Order Item Type dropdown selections will now include a Bundle option. When selected, only Bundle Items will appear in the Item ID dropdown. Bundle Items in the Detail grid can be expanded to view the Bundle Item details in a sub-grid view. The printed Purchase Order will display the bundle as a bundle item. The printed Receiving Ticket will display the bundle item details. The Purchase Order Receive and Reconcile screens will display the Bundle Item details as individual items in the receiving grid. Columns for Bundle ID and Description were added to the grids to identify if the item was part of a bundle originally. Bundle items will be included and indicated on Inventory and Purchase Order reports.

Scheduled PTO Interfaced to CM Scheduler
Management of employee schedules for meetings, appointments, and time off requests can be challenging for companies. To aid in employee schedule management, MACC has enhanced Customer Master’s Scheduler for easier management of employee schedules and to eliminate dual entry. When the PTO Request option is enabled with TMS, PTO Requests submitted and approved will be displayed for the employee when viewing Customer Master’s Scheduler. Any PTO Requests cancelled will be removed from the Employee’s scheduler when viewing Customer Master’s Scheduler. Employee and Managers will not be able to edit PTO Requests in Customer Master Scheduler, but all PTO Request updates from TMS and Accounting Master will be reflected in the Customer Master Scheduler. Please refer to the Customer Master Update letter for further details of the new Scheduler functionality within Customer Master.

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