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Product Spotlight

You’ll find BIG BENEFITS in our spring release

by MACC’s Product Team

MACC wants to make your jobs easier and your companies more profitable. Those are the goals behind every new release of Customer Master and Accounting Master. As you’ll soon see in the upcoming spring release of our products, the MACC Team challenged themselves this winter to deliver more new benefits than ever before.

The list of “what’s new” is highlighted by a new taxing software interface and Locate 811 module in Customer Master. Accounting Master’s developers made significant improvements to the AM/CM inventory interface (Nii) and fulfilled client requests in other areas of the product. The enhancements in both products can be game-changers in terms of boosting efficiency.

Read on for highlights on these enhancements and look for complete details in next month’s MACC eMessage.

Customer Master 21.1 Highlights

Avalara Tax Software Interface
Starting with 21.1, Customer Master will interface with Avalara AvaTax to offer our clients a fast, easy, and automated tax solution. Companies that wish to use the interface will discover a highly accurate way to increase sales tax compliance and reduce audit risk.

Locate 811 (Call Before You Dig)
A brand-new module designed to assist in managing call before you dig locates received from state 811 locate providers will be added to Customer Master. The Locate 811 module can be used to store, create, and search for Locate tickets, as well as assign them to technicians.

Clients have requested enhancements to the Scheduler module, and in the upcoming release, users will see we have dramatically improved functionality. Enhancements will include an Enterprise Scheduler for companies using multiple databases, improved flexibility in updating and deleting technician appointments, and the ability to assign employees to multiple work groups.

Accounting Master 21.1 Highlights

AM/CM Network Inventory Interface (Nii)
The Nii will be updated to allow users to select from multiple available Accounting Material Companies when issuing inventory in Customer Master.

Auto Generate Purchase Orders
Management of replenishing low inventory items can be challenging for companies. A new process to Auto Generate Purchase Orders will be added to improve efficiency with this effort.

Reassign Stock Certificate Tool
Management of stock certificate numbers will be enhanced with the new Reassign Stock Certificate Number tool. It will allow users to reassign a stock certificate number when entered incorrectly.


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