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Product Spotlight

Customer Master 21.2 Highlights

by MACC’s Product Team

We are so excited for you to see all of the features packed into Customer Master 21.2. As you can see below, the real “headliner” in this release is the enhanced Scheduler. When used to its fullest extent, it has the potential to greatly streamline your company’s operation. Be sure to read the highlights and then check out the Update Letter and What’s New Training. It will be time well spent!

MACC is introducing an all new Scheduler module with greater flexibility to undertake meeting and appointment scheduling through a practical, convenient experience within Customer Master. The new Scheduler brings a modern look to the management of ticket-based work, which includes options to acknowledge work, drag and drop events, assign tickets across days and employees, and a variety of other exciting mobility features. Your company can gain control of various schedule-based notifications or utilize an option to integrate with other calendars. In addition, an employee’s paid time off (PTO) from TMS can be viewed in Scheduler.

Pictures added to Notifications
A picture is worth a thousand words, and users now have the ability to send a picture of a technician with e-mail notifications generated from Customer Master. Having a picture of a technician arriving for an appointment provides another level of communication that is both a convenience and comforting for customers.

Employee Locations for MACC Mobile Users
Customer Master now has an option to flag employees for tracking purposes during their work days/hours. This tracking feature is utilized by collecting location data from a mobile device while logged into MACC Mobile. MACC has also aligned itself for additional third-party device tracking integration, as applicable. Customer Master’s Map-It feature has been enhanced to show the latest and/or past employee locations, and MACC Mobile’s Map-It feature displays the current location.

Updates to Work Order Invoicing
The Work Order module was improved to provide a more robust Work Order/Job Costing interface, with emphasis on expanding on the invoicing capabilities within Customer Master. Work Orders can now be associated with multiple accounts and be assigned at any tier, not just the network level. Work Order Invoices and their OCCs can also be created at any tier. In addition, users can now customize Work Order Invoices for an Accounting Company and include a company logo using our new Work Order Invoice Template.

HUBB Reporting
To accommodate FCC regulatory changes, the Address Editor, FCC HUBB Report, Address Importer, and address related Grid Reports in Customer Master have been updated to include new fields for Technology used and Latency. Carriers are encouraged to provide the Technology and Latency used for all their locations.

  • Technology is mandatory for the CAFII Auction fund and optional for the rest.
  • Latency is mandatory for both CAFII AUC and AK Plan funds.

The FCC also has separate file formats for modifications and deletes when companies change speed capabilities at their locations. Updates were made to track new, modified, and deleted HUBB location records within Customer Master, as well as the ability to create and upload separate files to USAC.

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